Early Access version 22.2 + 22.3


This is a server-side update. You do not need to download anything.

This update adds “fiery asteroid belts” and also changes names and locations for wormholes. The fiery asteroid effect is invisible client-side (you’ll need to wait until v.23 for a full update), but you can tell fiery asteroids by their red orbit streak (instead of white, for rocky asteroids) in the galaxy screen.

A soft galaxy regeneration was required to make these changes. Some missions have been moved between asteroid belts, so you might find yourself having a completed mission in an asteroid belt you haven’t explored yet.

Also, galactic price fluctuations now work: prices can now be up to 30% cheaper depending on where in the galaxy you are (respectively, prices for food sold can also vary). Use “Price Insight” to see these fluctuations (up blue arrow=higher prices, down red arrow=lower prices). Fluctuations change every 24 hours. The fluctuation isn’t just random – it follows a longer cycle. It takes about a week for an “expensive” region of the galaxy to become “cheap” and vice versa.


You will lose:

  • any in-mission progress


  • [Server-side v22.2] Asteroid belts have now exploration reward (5 keys) (@matix524 :medal_military: Bug)
  • [Server-side v22.2] Improved wormhole placement during galaxy generation (@RoboCat :medal_military: Bug).
  • [Server-side v22.2] Meteor Storm missions now marked as “hot” when close to the sun (@GgWw1175 :medal_military: Idea). In the v.23 client update they will also display fiery asteroids.
  • [Server-side v22.2] Galaxy has been soft-regenerated. Wormholes have changed names and locations. Asteroid belts have moved orbit within the same star system.
  • [Server-side v22.2] Galaxy price fluctuations now work.

Does this means all of them? Because some of them that i explored are on their old places and some of them are not.

In the general case, yes. However, it’s possible that the new location is very close to the old location, or that the name hasn’t changed. It’s all up to the randomizer.

Server side update v22.3

All star systems have been regenerated to spread them out more and to avoid highways passing over stars (repelFactor=3.0). @BoggY :medal_military: Bug

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