Early Access version 20/21

I suggested displaying recently played missions,did iA look at it or was it a coincidence

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@InterAction_studios how many users were deleted in total?

[BUG] You misunderstood ! Instead increase time for collect, you decrease time fully in Boss Rush and maybe in other missions…

[BUG] After minimizing the window, my game crash (Connection: Timed out)
— Upd —
I can’t connect to game, but server work normally

Why I still can’t log in ?

servers are borked

and iA is gone

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Me ,the planet orbit streaks are flashing and the game is kinda choppy

It was all fine before the update .It probably needs some time to … what word do I use here?

patience is a virtue

you foolishly foolish fool IA didn’t make a server they bought a one


Still is

I didn’t mention anything about buying or making

… that is kind of meh

This is not a dating site dude


you see, do you think these server crashes are often?

better have tinder