Early Access version 20/21

[BUG] You misunderstood ! Instead increase time for collect, you decrease time fully in Boss Rush and maybe in other missions…

[BUG] After minimizing the window, my game crash (Connection: Timed out)
— Upd —
I can’t connect to game, but server work normally

Why I still can’t log in ?

servers are borked

and iA is gone

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Me ,the planet orbit streaks are flashing and the game is kinda choppy

It was all fine before the update .It probably needs some time to … what word do I use here?

patience is a virtue

you foolishly foolish fool IA didn’t make a server they bought a one


Still is

I didn’t mention anything about buying or making

… that is kind of meh

This is not a dating site dude


you see, do you think these server crashes are often?

better have tinder

Well, not our fault if someone pops in at the most unstable time and goes:
The server is screwed

just because a unexpected crash happened doesn’t mean the servers suck, get some knowledge + think before saying anything

bruh momento numero dos