Early Access version 112

So, the better solution is lower your ego a bit and reconsider your idea. Fighting back just turning the heat of conversation.


how to simplified this paragraph

  • Everyone has their own lives don’t disturb em
  • if you think you’re better (you just a piece of dust if you compere it with the universe)
  • control your ego ( Ik I have an ego as same as you but u know after I become a young adult (Thanks sims 4) Ik I had to control it)
  • if you have your own idea please ask yourself with your idea can you beat it? if yes they let’s see if IA can implemented the idea if he can’t then that’s the truth deal with it
  • try to learn the game (CIU) to find bugs, tips and tricks if u have a friend teach em
    Sincerely Donny

IAAAAA I can’t log in since v 109
I’m stuck on this page


Did you try updating to v112?

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I did

Tried this?

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This is already great idea, but i was thinking if the shield stays visible in customization, and then add an option to show or do a fading animation. How about that?

Also @InterAction_studios can u make a unique fading out effect on the comet shield? I’m not saying it’s not good, but just kinda boring to be seen

edit: Actually one more thing

make Unmount All in spaceship loadout not affect the hardpoints. Really tiring my hands if i need to put it back to the hardpoints slot. Or if u want, make a separate button between Unmount Spacecraft Loadout and Unmount spacecraft Hardpoints


When i have dead, the shield dosen’t show

p/s: video have bad quality
@InterAction_studios check this bug and thanks for reading

Yes Yes I did

try Redownloading again


I got where the problem is
The game has a problem with Iranian ips
IA please fix it
I remember we had the same problem long ago but it was fixed, and now we have it again


Soo, I have an issue with customization. I don’t know exactly if it’s an internet issue (since it affects specific spacecraft, but excludes one), but I can’t customize my 4 spacecraft that I own (BX-7 (formerly a BX-6, but that one was removed from the game) BX-9, M404, 301). Everytime I do, it disconnects me and shows the “other side closed connection” screen. While if I try to customize the spacecraft that I recently bought (which is the raven spacecraft), I can customize it with no issues. No disconnections or anything.
Here’s the video:

Was there any update recently that has done this or something? I really missed a lot of stuff before I came back. If so, please link.
(And yes, I have made sure I am in the latest version, otherwise I wouldn’t even be able to buy spawn shields in the first place. I also made sure firewall is not blocking the game.)
It also happens when you choose any customization other than exhaust (inner) or (outer). I just chose these two to speed up the process.
Shield customization works fine for all spacecraft.
(Sorry for making this post long, I wanted to make it as detailed as possible as to how to replicate the issue.)


Come on man calm down

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been 3 fucking hours man

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Fine. As you want

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5 suggestion:

  1. Could be there a second attack for cosplay wave?, One doesn’t look enough.
  2. As In the waves that have anomalies removed to not mislead people, remove the anomalies marked zone in cartwheels.
  3. why the cannons in cartwheels only shoot 1 bullet? it need to shoot more.
  4. Why “it gets cold in space” does not have a flash effect when getting killed? other chicken bosses have that.
  5. Small buffs for Special Forces And Party time.
    . Special forces now can spread his knifes like thundercluck’s bolts but when he reaches 50% as he is starting to rage.

    . Party time calls for ballon chickens when sustaining 25% of damage they appear from up to down, their numbers increase each 25% sustained.

I think these buffs shouldn’t make them insane in double team missions despite haven’t played it.


IA can you enlarge the safe zone in bigger Spin cycle wave ?
It seems a bit small

Add another danger zone in Surfing the wave

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It was there before but in the last patch one guy suggested removing it and IA accepted that. If you want it back then give a necessary thing why it should be restored.

He can’t reverse danger zone and safe zone yet

Ah alright.

No need to do that, its just a danger zone.

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