Early Access version 10

Exactly, it should fire 3 shots in bursts of 5 at higher difficulties and also the metal plates should have higher health.

Amazing update,though it feels like certain bosses became a bit too insane now…(military chicken and UCOs). UCO especially,since it travels so quickly,you barely even have time to react. Other bosses like egg cannon are cool,though


One of the worst updates IMO

Just keep in mind the fact that the godly speed that some of the bosses received wasn’t intentional.

This is actually what happened…


I disagree. Some bosses might be insane,but we still got what we wanted:harder bosses.


Couldn’t agree more. I find it so funny actually when I die to them now, even Egg cannon is insane from our insults to it.

Version 10.3 will be released tonight to tone down some of these insane speeds. This update will be optional, so you can stick with the existing 10.1 one if you prefer (until 11.1 comes).

P.S. 10.2 was a server-only update to fix the “reset galaxy exploration” issue


Which bosses do you intend to nerf? Currently,only military chicken and UCO chicken should be nerfed,in my opinion at least. Though I didn’t get to fight all of the bosses yet,so there could be more,idk. Would just like to know which ones will be fixed. I intend to record some of the bosses the way they are now,while I’d also like to record some of them after they get nerfed


We don’t know yet. We’ll perform an evaluation pass over ALL bosses. You’ll be able to tell by the changelog what was changed.

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That’s why I asked which bosses will get nerfed…because I’ll decide whether or not I want to update it based on that…
And thanks IA.

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Military chicken? I didn’t find him impossible. However the UCO’s are just too much.

Please only nerf the movment speed everything else is perfect.


Let’s hope they don’t reset it completely.

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Regarding Emerald’s suggestion, I couldn’t expect anyone who would use Egg Launcher in the highest difficulty. It’s virtually impossible to do so without dying, unless Phase-outs are used repeatedly… and repeatedly.

Regarding the bosses, yes UCO’s are much more chaotic now (SSH, mid difficulty), which should be toned down a little but.

Well, I definitely am updating when that update releases

Yeah, I think that one of the things that was lacking before the update was a ſignificant difference between Rookie and SSH. I haven’t had time to ſee how it is now, though.

Well,some bosses became bullet hell,others feel like they had a speedhack apllied to them(like…3 times or 4 times higher projectile speed)

I’m actually gonna update, I just game over-ed on Egg cannon again, it’s way too hard on SSH + max difficulty.