Early Access version 02

Ok I will try but I don’t think it would answer

I still get the 55.5 MB V1.2 file that I downloaded 2 days ago. Can someone upload the update file here?

@InterAction_studios I have some questions:

  1. The space burger can be a normal store but instead of keys things are bought with food ?, that is how the value of finding a space burger will be greater since for now it is not worth much and with that it will be more interesting.

  2. the design of the stores will change ?, that is, the format of how things look and their purchase, I would like it to be like in ci4 and ci5 would be more nostalgic.

  3. the satellites obtained in a mission, could be saved ?, that is to say that if I get a satellite in a mission and I do not use it until finishing that mission, that it stays saved and that it can be used in another.

no more questions

  1. This would make it even worse. This way,your keys and your food will be completely separate things,so if you go to a space burger,the keys you have would mean nothing and in other cases,food would mean nothing. Say that there’s an item that costs 600 keys,and you have 550. The way space burgers work now,if you have enough food,you could sell it to get the remaining 50. However,if it was changed the way you put it,you wouldn’t be able to afford the item since food and keys would be two completely separate things.

I’m hyped for that but it cannot log in
Please help

Sure is down for a long time…

Try it now

It works, i managed to log in.

Aaand right after i posted that i lost connection and can’t connect anymore :stuck_out_tongue:

How name is final game?Windows have a RTM.

Found what the problem was! Will be fixed within 10 minutes. No more disconnections after that :crossed_fingers:

EDIT: It’s done.


What i would like to see are “live” leaderboards so I dont have to wait for the next day to see the scores.

That’s all going to be part of the “Rankings” screen (when it’s done)

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Link is off, it’s giving the following message:

Not Found

The requested URL /files/ChickenInvadersUniverseInstaller.exe was not found on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

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the link you’re using is wrong(its installer2_1.exe), try going to the Downlonad Early Acces topic itself and using the link there instead of using shared posts. It seems shared posts dont update when the post is updated.

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