Dyson sphere rental

dyson sphere is a barrier surround a star completely and extract power without changing its mass
. CIU is an example of futuristic tech advancement so there no doubt that there is a dyson sphere some where

you maybe wondering , what the heck does this thing do.
it suppose to be an infinite fuel source and you can rent it for a day for 1104 keys then when the day is over you are no longer have infinite fuel

@InterAction_studios , i would like to see this in game

We already did Dyson sphere by ourselves.

276 keys is TOO cheap for infinite fuel for a day while ~150 keys is 1000 fuel.


hhmm you are correct
now its 4x keys

I’m more likely to perceive this thing as chickens’ doing. A major boss, that could be an event on the map.


that sure look like an egg

Eggs have a oval shape while planets are spheres

They weren’t talking about star or planet. Look at the thing on the first pic.

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“Dyhen Sphere”

So basically chickens made these Dyson spheres because they need energy to build bosses and stuff

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