Dying Background

Custom Background
The universe at the end of its life:

Somebody plz make it better. IDK how to do photoshop.

PaintNET file: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/963109161573429378/995325496659284008
(sry no photoshop)



universe / galaxy at the end of its times. Only Yellow dwarfs and red dwarfs left.

i cant fix the blue tone.

looks like supernova

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I think you can mod this into the game

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At this point, you dont even need to post any idea, JUST MOD THE GAME.

like RTX for chicken invaders.

just mod the game.

I think you mean to make it take effect when the player have lost all of it lives. As if the whole universe is falling because the player failed to repel invasion.

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We can still see some purple.

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I didnt not but hell yea it seems pretty good.

IK. i asked you guys to make it better im not a pro at photshop.

I don’t know. Could this be so? (I also added a red frame (if you don’t want it I can remove it))


good. but idk how to remove the purple thing i need to turn it to yellow

is look good

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