Droid Raid food buff

I earn more food per minute playing Squak Block (around 200fpm) than Droid Raid (around 150fpm). It’s not that big of a diffrence but still. I think that the percenage of collected food should be added based on the skill we chose.
And with that beeing buffed dorids should have more health too.
Something like this:
Tourist-0% more food
Rookie-10% more food
Seasoned-20% more food
Veteran-30% more food
Virtuoso-40% more food
Superstar Hero-50% more food

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Nope. Just NOPE.

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The problem is the wave is too random. Some waves have yes food while some has none (50 food because no supply waves)

I do actually support the food amount scaling with difficulty. Right now, even if you choose to do a very difficult droid raid, there’s no guarantee that you’ll get more food than a droid raid of the same length but on a lower difficulty.

This one though, I think might already be in effect.

That being said, a simple food multiplier won’t really fix this issue. Instead, there should be a rework on what droid waves will appear in which difficulties. This might even require a heavy rework on the waves themselves to make the difficulty scaling more seamless, but for now, waves like Droid highway, Droid patrols or Supply Droids should have a greater chance of appearing in easy missions and in more difficult missions, waves like Delivery Rerouting, Droid Slalom, Backup Droid Patrol, Surrounded by droids, etc should have a greater chance of appearing.

If possible, the appearance of more valuable food items should also scale with the difficulty. and maybe even the length of convoys in waves like Supply droids and Supply lines.

Overall, while I can understand the reasoning behind it, your solution leaves quite a lot to be desired since it does not completely fix the issue with food collection and droid waves. 4/10


Well I just say an idea that pops in my head I don’t really think about it that much but i agree with your reply.

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I think it should be…
Tourist- -5% more food
Rookie-0% more food
Seasoned-10% more food
Veteran-25% more food
Virtuoso-45% more food
Superstar Hero-75% more food

just no

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So you mean to say, you want droids to spawn more super size me burgers and whole roast chickens? Kinda interesting

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Heck no !

I think thats a lil to much.

You’re forgetting that squawk blocks are in the long run way harder (even if broken by the absolver anyway) and that all food droids have mass amounts of food missions. For mass food in one go, food droids are far more efficient than digging for squawk blocks along the galaxy.

I think I am actually dating myself. I have played chicken invaders since the first game. Which emulated asteroids if I am not mistaken, which was about 15 or 20 years ago. Probably why I am having such a hard time making progress here but doing my best. Thanks for trying to help with all of my questions. Same reason I get pissed my kids can’t play the old sims games when they have the disc and a code on their pc’s. lol

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