Driod Raid Wave: Food Factory

So this works like this, first the enemies will appear from the left/right side of the screen, which will appear like a upside down T shaped object surrounded by Barriers, and they will occasionally drop down to crush the player

The barriers can stay on the ground for around 3 to 5 secs, they will come down rather slowly than instantly, to give players a reaction time.

There would be around 5-8 barrier coming from each side

The barriers can be changed depending on difficulty,
for less than 50% the barriers can be level 1 and there wont be any threat as shown in the picture
above that, threats can be introduced, like lv4 barriers and Security droids

This Wave will have a slight zoom, around 150%

If you have any feedback on this wave, let me know how i can improve them. Also what can be included on these gaps on the picture (Near the Droid)


So, how many T shaped objects are there supposed to be in this wave? Just one would be very anticlimactic.

Not one, i say around 5-8 on each side (Left and Right), its a demonstration on how it will look

You should probably make the objects smaller in relation to the background so that you can fit multiple of them onscreen.

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I was originally going to do that, but the lack of editing software is what prevented me

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Good idea, but im concerned of the shape of the barrier :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


It is supposed to look like a crusher

I have never encountered this type of wave before, it’s just how many T’s this wave has is important, even a player’s crusher that is unlikely to be avoided by the player. It’s hard to recognize this wave

Like i said in the post, the crusher wont come down instantly, will comedown slowly to give enough reaction time, and i have already mentioned how many T’s will appear

Hmm, cool and creative wave, first wave that has unique barrier shape




Jesus Christ…

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