Dragon Chicken

This chicken is riding a dragon. Perhaps he’s kidnapped the princess? I’m sure there’s one in the galaxy somewhere. After all, is there not a Yolk Star? I figured he would be wearing a red dragon costume.

Anyways, I hope you’re up to dragonslaying. It might be helpful if you had a heat shield of some kind.

Then again, this dragon would frequent hot levels, so it’s safe to assume that you would have a heat shield.

Perhaps this dragon has a treasure trove somewhere. Whatever would help fund the Chicken Hunters. I don’t imagine all those weapons come cheap.


Breathes a stream of fire from the dragon’s mouth…

The dragno spits out fireballs from mouth.

The dragon attempts to swat you with his tail.

Lays eggs that hatch into dragon chicks. They would shoot fireballs.

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Can you show picture your dragon chicken idea ???

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I’m not sure how to make one.

Use photoshop (if you have it)
Or you can also draw it on paper or something

OK. I imagine it would look sometinhg like this. Maybe the dragon would look more cartoony though. And perhaps the chicken would be dressed like a knight.

you could also use powerpoint

Good to know.