Download issue [p2]

  • When the tab open and close, the save location doesn’t pop-up and download the file
  • But when the tab buzzering, i reload it and the save location become visible…?
    - YouTube

You can just copy the link and paste it to the address bar

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is it because of google chrome?

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It’s because of Discourse having a stroke for some reason.


how to fix that instead of copy the link?

No way found yet. iA tried to update topic but that didn’t work.


What i said in fact:

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Workaround: Use the “Open in new tab” option from the right click menu on the download link. It works then.

mina already said that . . .

No, he only said “Copy the address bar then paste it in new tab” not “Open in new tab option from the right click menu on the download link”.


and what he said is kinda similar

But still a different workaround.


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