Double trouble! Double bosses!

Hello, this is my idea.

Ok, when you enter to this mission you will fight two bosses at once !

Ex :-

And there is more pictures…

The mission should be hard

What do you think :thinking:?


I don’t want to imagine ‘Show Them Who’s Boss’, like 12 big chickens? Nope.


Well, on the upſide, it would be exciting, but programming it to randomly ſelect two boſſes and ſtick them together could have reſults which are…unpredictable.
I mean, Hend Game and the Yolk Star together? Noöne’s beating that one.

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It only works with certain bosses, and some attacks should be toned down for good

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They can except them

Let me make a list of bosses which should remain single:

  1. Henterprise
  2. Egg Cannon
  3. Yolk Star™
  4. All of the Giant Robotic Space Crabs
  5. Bossa Nova
  6. Henley’s Comet
  7. Shoot the core
  8. Planetary Egg City

The following bosses are eligible to have a companion if the screen is zoomed out further than it was:

  1. Magnetic Manipulator
  2. UCO Encounter
  3. Alien Mothership
    The rest can be doubled. :slight_smile:

For U.C.O. only the 1st, 2nd and 3rd that still have “fair” fight. 4th U.C.O would be hell as it shoots red laser to the left and right.

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Hmmm,you could have a Grand Challenge mission,where first the Yolk-Star attacks you from above,and after it’s done completely(the yolk stage for harder levels),the screen could expand out and fight off the Henterprise from below while the Yolk chases you around.

Pls no.

But why not?
Plus it’s like to be pretty endgame.
@Neutral I liked tthe machinery better(your profile picture)

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It was too cursed not to change it.

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What do you mean exactly?

A cursed image is any image that can incite the 5 W’s in a person, these 5 W’s being, who, what, when, where and why.

From the urban dictionary.

No,I was talking about which pic.

I am pretty well-versed in the Urban Dictionary.

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I mean this new gator pic is too cursed. The first time I saw it I laughed like an idiot for too much time.

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I was talking about getting one done,after which you tackle the “big” bosses while the mad yolk chases you around.

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