Double Team mission map

I have always been saving every Double Team mission I come across, so I thought of finding all of them and making a map.

Yellow markers show that there is one mission in that star system, while white markers indicate two or more. Also note that these map images also show every wormhole location.
In total, there are 281 Double Team missions in the galaxy. Initially I forgot about 10 of those missions somehow, but @SA-GoldenBoss128 helped me find them.

I also tried to keep track of the bosses that appear on the first wave of each mission. There are 143 combinations of bosses. 16 of them are U.C.O. + Crab combinations, which only appear if the mission difficulty + skill difficulty go above 100%, otherwise the Crab gets replaced with some other boss. Here are some statistics regarding how often each combination appears.
The Iron Chef + King of Crabs appears in 8 different missions.
7 missions - nothing
6 missions - 4 combinations
5 missions - 4 combinations
4 missions - 18 combinations
3 missions - 20 combinations
2 missions - 36 combinations
1 mission - 38 combinations
The following 22 combinations (7 of them are U.C.O. + Crab) cannot be found on the first wave of any mission. Also, there is one mission with double Mysterious Ship, but it doesn’t have the 6 laser variant.

The map I made can also be used to find specific missions.
As an example, here’s a list of all 10 wave Double Teams:

And a map of them here:

Or, a list of missions with 90%+ difficulty:

And a map:

The datasheet I made can be found here:


As for these, I’m wondering whether it might be worth mentioning which missions they can be spotted in, preferably on Wave 2 or just earlier on in the mission.

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what is crab 5 there are 4 giant robotic spacecrab attack of crab king of crab and crab 2.0

i dunno, maybe crab 5 is the one from CI5

nope its 4

i already said what i meant by it, it’s not the amount of them

Thanks to these tables and maps, I can now training my DT Skill.

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Anyone who doesn’t have a CHL keeps begging. I don’t have a CHL right now, but I will get it in the future (if CIU will stay in the future)

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this was a joke im not begging

What made you write this comment in the first place then?

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Found it

Thank you i’ve been looking forever

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Are you okay?

I bought it maybe a 6months ago and i like what i got i reccomend you too its not that expensive for expirience you get

Well, it is not that expensive. But I don’t use PayPal. But maybe after sometime, I will buy it.

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