Don't reset my progress please

@InterAction_studios Don’t reset my progress after full release in september,October, November,December,half january,half February,March,April,May

it will have to be reset and there’s nothing you can do about it


I will have a lot of homeworks and school and It is very hard work

So what? It’s going to happen to everyone anyway

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The next holiday will be in january

Your key will be refunded as far as I know (CMIIW) And maybe you will find something new when it releases… So it’s not a big deal IMO

Your progress will be reset once and only once (with refund keys and contribution medals) when the full release is out. When the full version has updates, you will not lose your progress again.

That’s sound nice. But it will reset tiers :frowning:

Yes, everything except for total keys earned, “Early Access Participation”, “Great Minds Think Alike”, “Bug Exterminator”. This will make it fairer to anyone joins the game after the full release.


Total keys we SPEND, not earned.

No, I remember seeing something that said earned.
And this option won by 81%.


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