Do you think in CIU v120 version will be officially released?

Previously, IA posted on discord that CIU would be officially released on patch 120, but after a while IA removed it (I’m not sure either). So there will be a very low rate in the official release of 120, the reason why I say that is because in the game settings there is an item called touch screen.That means the CIU version will be released on the Mobile platform someday soon . End
If you have any ideas, please comment below this post, I know you will comment on things that are against this post so I can’t help it, my education is bad :v

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Not yet.

But iA isn’t the type of person to intentionally lie, so I hope there is a chance CIU full release may happen at the end of 2022 or early 2023.

There is absolutely no way that CIU will exit Early Access in v120

The mobile ports will be released if/when they are released. The game will exit Early Access if/when it exits Early Access. And it will be finally done if/when it’s done.
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Sure, it could, but that would be dumb.

when you take the joke too seriously

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We were just goofing around to kill time to get the update done

The v120 release is a joke.

Why y’all taking this joke seriously (is it because it’s from iA’s mouth?)

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This has been in the game since literally forever.

Sarcasm is word that you should train to sniff it very well whenever it happen.

Also Blame modding.

Blame modding for what?

I was sarcastic…

If you wanna know why I was: the main reason why IA made this joke is not understanding what even foolish stuff is people modding.

It just began when this was posted.



Reset accounts!!! no thanks :confused: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I wouldn’t be surprised if they did reset accounts for one last time when the game officially releases, since they could tinker with the scoring, rebalance waves/missions, and want a semi-fresh start. The first screen when loading the game says that our progress may be reset, so it’s good to keep in mind that it could be a possibility.

This is why I don’t use discord. :slight_smile:
Sarcasm isn’t my strong suit either, and there’s more things said in jest than seriously on a chat platform vs a forum. Marginally.

I highly doubt it’s going to happen.


Nope, the game’s himself it is completely stuck in the development since we’re getting more content along with improvements for an while otherwise the previous ones from the series it’s gonna be all over again, I suppose.

is this true @iIfireIi?

Will be release v120 then delete accounts with CHL or not?

Short answer is no.

Just read what’s said above. It’s just a joke.

Also, accounts with purchases will be likely kept.

It’ll likely take a long time, maybe more years, 'til CIU is released.



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