Do different ships give score boost?

(message deleted) But the question still remains, because I noticed a situation where someone started leveling up their tier at least 3x as fast as before after getting BX-8)

short answer: no

some ships give a key boost (h&c 101, h&c 201, h&c 301)

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Sounds like a bug report. It took me months to get to Tier 99 with a consistent gameplay routine.

If you send me your friend’s callsign, I’ll look into the mission history to see where this score difference is coming from.


did you make sure to equip your superstar hero skill?

if you did, pausing during a mission should have a (+40%) next to the mission difficulty.

It looks like my friend was just repeatedly doing a really busted stage that gives an unusually high amount of score (28-35million every 9-10 mins) for the very low level of difficulty it has. My friend made it seem like it was just a normal stage that gives normal score, so that’s another reason why I was confused. Very rare to find those stages, I am currently looking around for one.

a short answer: no

Yeah, and to add on to Searson’s point, iA has reduced the efficacy of the unoriginality penalty, where it kicks in several hours later than it used to.

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