DLC's for CIU

DlCs should be added.
and i am not talking on holiday edition dlcs.
DLCs that will add stuff to the game like new weapons new levels new options and more

do you think it is a good idea?

  • Yes
  • No

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we don’t want paid dlcs to the game, don’t we? because we also don’t want IA to become EA? i think the only paid things that are key micros and the license are enough

@Electronic_Arts that was a joke damn it! we dont want it.

@danielb1 I feel like you try to brainstorm ideas too much.
This game already will have paid elements: keys and license. While license is common and not hated thing in games (TF2, CS:GO) the keys fall for micro-transactions category which is extremely hated. Adding paid DLC will only make things worse and may scare off the players.


Ya know what ur right

dont turn this game into DLCDAY 2: THE DLC

Damn you bump old topic

sorry, i guess.

Good bump! This was a brilliant idea! Too bad it didn’t get much spotlight.

so this is a bad idea @Electronic_Arts

How do you expect iA to make money? Yall want everything for free but nobody thinks about developers and their needs.

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Yeah,it’s not like something you’ll have to pay for is already planned. Especially not the license thingy you’ll be able to buy. And we certainly won’t be able to buy keys,either. Totally.

The Key’s and the License are enough

Again, I’m not trying to be rude or offensive

You buy the licence only once, keys are not purchasable features but currency, full big DLCs with features would be better than that.

bruh momento numero dos

Yes,keys are planned to be purchasable,EA…at least,they were planned before. Idk if IA still plans to implement that,but I don’t see why they wouldn’t.

Certain customizable aesthetics for spaceships could be purchasable for real money. (We like money!)

EA you can’t act serious and jokingly half the time, you see you’re confusing people! Rebrand your account or make another one, seriously.


Currently I’m not joking except text in the brackets.

That be the caſe, I have to diſagree with much you have to ſay, e.g.