Distributing Enemies' Attacks

From my experience playing CIU, the game relies too much on heavy enemies (ex. Chickennaut, Eggship, UFOs, Gatling Gun etc.) to attack the player. This causes huge per wave difficulty difference when rng decides a wave only consisting normal chickens and other waves consisting these heavier enemies.

It was not a problem in the series which have their waves always same, but this is CIU, rng decides.

So I propose a nerf to these heavy enemies. Reduce their attack rate by about 50 - 25% depending on difficulty. This will make them not shoot you as often as they are right now. In exchange, weaker enemies (chick, chicken, pilot chicken, metal suited chicken) will attack 10 - 20% more often.

This change should redistribute those attacks, making difficulty of a wave not to dependent on heavy enemies, while waves that don’t have any heavy enemies are no longer free to win as these chickens are more aggressive.

N.B. it also nerfs epic waves a lot.

About cowards: Can it be made to attack only if it’s directly attacked? Using aoe attacks on them is a death sentence. So there will be a strategy to indirectly attack them for a more safer play.

About slobs: I’vd made a post before for this and it seemed to be a complicated suggestion. So I make it simpler and easier to understand for players. Remove the rng, and make it shoots its multidirectional attack when dies, like toxic spawn toxic gas when dies. The rng is bad, you know that it will attack you if you shoot it, but don’t know when. This change should give player more certainty to deal with them. If this makes them easier and you don’t like it, then it can have normal waste attack like chicks, but more often.


Something definitely needs to be done about cowards as they horrendously skew the weapon roster toward certain options.
They also need an aesthetic redesign, in my opinion…

I actually prefer to fight slobs than cowards, but I’m not opposed to this change either.


I’ve never actually seen a slob ingame, what does it do?

It shoots when damaged, but very rarely. Its shot consists of 12 waste.

Just to elaborate - it’s like a ring around the slob, so it’s pretty hard to dodge. The thing that annoys most people though is that it’s random, and on a per-hit (not damage) basis, so low damage weapons can trigger them like mad.

Conversely, they have high hp, and drop food as they get shot. When they explode they drop a lot of food, so they reward you for the effort.


They look like this:
They only appear on high difficulty

I know what they look like, but to clarify: I have no idea what effects they may have on the gameplay. Are they just ultra-buffed chickens, or do they do something?

Well, they’re pretty much the size of a chickenaut, they move slower compared to all other breeds, they drop a lot of food, they have a 1,6% chance to release a ring consisting of 24 wastes


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