Disqualified... while farming squawks

I was grinding squawks until got 60% Unoriginality Penalty for each Squawk Block i got
But sometimes i got disqualified for no reason (while getting to it), it happens randomly

I also had this issue 2 weeks ago, don’t know why.

I like to believe you pretty much answered your own issue:

Disqualification now applied to regular missions which had repetitive fly time? Didn’t know about this, hmm…

The disqualification applies after the 10th attempt every 12 hours

but isn’t it supposed to do penalty only?

Thought it would be 4?

You would be correct if it weren’t changed in v.143 to 10 repetitions.

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“Disqualified” is only used for any Competitive mission. In this case, RBCube played a mission from planet, which is not a competitive mission. It’s a Squawk Block mission named by “Attractive Waitstaff”.

Player will get the “Unoriginality Penalty” in the normal mission after the first 4 playing times, not 10 times like Competitive mission. And what RBCube reported here, i assume that this is a bug, or something else i haven’t known yet, because i haven’t heard that a played can get disqualified because of playing too much times whatever any Competitive mission or normal mission.

Wait for iA’s response.

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There are various “anti-farming” criteria that can be triggered that will cause a mission to be disqualified.

Looking at your mission history, one of those criteria was triggered. I’m afraid I can’t explain exactly which one (because players will start circumventing it). But it’s expected behaviour.


Any mission with >70% Unoriginality will count as Disqualified…
And i really think that’s normal

I had this problem before you, about 2 months while I was grinding Medals, Unoriginality Penalty is a hell for me.

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really really normal, You better play the same mission 10 times only, more than 10 times then you won’t get any rewards or make any progress in the stats

That existed to prevent exploits, I suppose. :confused:

Actually, you can still get more foods and keys on many different missions, after that, save a bunch of them, and wait until next day, you can fly it again. That was the trick I said but never did xd.

Technically, you can be throttled for flying the same mission (the codename, I could say), but you cannot be throttled for flying the same mission type with a complete different mission codename.

that’s right, before version 140 I was farming and farming without getting this thing, and after the update the unoriginality penalty can appear easily, now after the updates I am grinding keys slowly, although I can farm in an hour about 10000 with CHL and with damage amplifiers, this is my fastest way to grind keys, because I need the hardest 1x10 double team, I can max out an account less than a month if the CHL is included, sorry if my post is too long.

Webbed Wingspread and Serious Shopgirls: “Are you sure you want us?”

Well, I have quite a lot of them. I’ll send you when you need them.

I don’t have all these, I know that these the hardest look: 1. Serious Shopgirl, 2. Burly Solubility, 3. Sick Desider, 4. Troubled Citron, 5. Webbed Wingspread, 6. Kind Loss and more, I don’t remember them a lot, these are my 6 missions where I play them as a speedrun when i have a shady dealer with my needed items, like, Extra Lives, If I find a shady dealer with extra lives, I will buy until he leave, also, I can track shady dealers easily, I can teach you, because they need just focus on gray dots around the galaxy.

I have one lol :skull:

to track shady dealers easier, go to the filters, now filter on show player locations, just filter this not the 3 together only the middle one, then zoom out and search for gray dots, then zoom in again to see if this is a droid or a shady dealer, just only, try it and you won’t regret

Serious shopgirl is your favorite mission ig.