Disqualified state of Galactic Cup

My callsign is LordHerobrine, and right now i’m at top 3 of group 7 in Galactic Cup #3. The main reason why i’m top 3 because of chicken_hunter. He broke the game mechanic on purpose by losing in intention in order to give VSG 177 points to dethrone me. And that’s is the most triggered point, because you can play fair and only face no-active players or trollers, and by that, only earn 100 points, while some players can enter the top without skills just by earning points by co-op with trollers. Looking at LeAnh in group 2, you will see what i mean @InterAction_studios . Play 4 matchs and only earn 27,8 points ? What a troller.

Now i have 3 suggestions for you @InterAction_studios :

  • Ignore and do nothing about this unbalanced point of mechanic. The easiest, the most devastating affects it cause to Galactic Cup, because your silence means that trollers will have no fear to you, so they will wreak havoc every conners in Galactic Cup.
  • Change how many points a player can earn if their opponents do not fly match. Instead of 100 points, why don’t you increase to 125 points ?
  • Disqualified state. I think this idea is the hardest, however it may help you. When a mission is released to a Galactic Cup’s paticipants, that mission must have a qualified points (Caculated by taking only 80% of the perfection points by all killing on enemies, all food and coins collected, all medal by unprepare). If a troller lose in intention with below than the qualified points, they will be caused “Disqualified”, however they mustn’t recieve any caution about that fact. The result when someone face a troller is that they can only earn 125 points and no more.

That’s 3 suggestion i can give to you. I think you should combine advise #2 and #3 to make Galactic Cup more balance.


interesting :))

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This feature is based on FIFA World Cup, so we should do exactly like FIFA World Cup, but I would change it a bit:

  • +3 points for winner with at least 1% score difference from their opponent or their opponent does not play (currently, if their opponent does not play or got disqualified from disconnected they will get the same points as a tie).
  • +2 points for both players tied or if two players have a score close enough with less than 1% difference (because in this game, unlike football, ties are unrealistic to happen), BUT has flown their mission.
  • +1 point for the loser that has flown their mission
  • 0 points for anyone who hasn’t flown their mission (both players go against each other will get 0 points if both of them does not fly, even if it’s a tie).

Ties in group points between the near top players in the group (for example, between 2nd, 3rd and 4th places) can be broken by:

  • Put them in the separate group and calculate group points between them only.
  • If “tiebreaker group points” are tied:
    • Between exactly two players in that tiebreaker: Their total points from only the 2 missions that they fly against each other (obviously the same, so it’s fair).
    • Between more than two players in that tiebreaker group: The missions between them are not the same, so it’s not fair to compare total mission score. Who has finished their final round mission first wins (encourages activity).

Putting qualified points in your idea is still not fair, because one player could just surrender at the final boss, the other one beats it and basically secures the win. Additionally, some players are not good at the game (this Galactic Cup has so few players that you only need to play the qualification mission to make it in, no experience requirement at all) and they may lose early and the winner should still get the points they deserve.


It can still happen, however with the difficulty of Galactic Cup’s missions, the difference is not big, so the one who win by this trick cann’t earn much points, at least not big enough to be critical.

Another proof to show @InterAction_studios that chicken_hunter is a troller.
Seriously wtf, even a casual player (AKA NOOB) cann’t even be stupid enough to lose a big amount of points like that.

Here is another advise you can consider @InterAction_studios :
Penalty: In football, when someone break laws, they can be penalized, that can be a bonus chance for their opponents to have score, or even forbid law-breakers from playing for several matchs. You can applied the same thing, however when someone face a player that is being penalized, they will immediately earn 110 points. When someone have less than 70 points in a match for 3 times, they will be not allowed to play for 3 days.

This is not cheating, this is an exploit and players should not be punished for it.

If the player cheats (by using external third party programs to modify their mission score and group score), they will (eventually) be permanently banned. I believe the game hasn’t actually banned players for cheating yet, but when a “galaxy housekeeping” eventually comes when the game goes to official release, any accounts that have ever cheated will be deleted.

In sports, players may be penalized by the council after the match if it is suspected or discovered that the match is fixed. But we can’t do the same for this game because there is no way to know if the low score they earned is all they got or intentional match fixing:

  • There are two few active players. This Galactic Cup doesn’t even have 256 competing, basically means that if you have flown the qualification at all, you are almost guaranteed to make it through (the game takes multiples of 16 like 256, 240 or 224 so very few people at the bottom is eliminated). They don’t have enough experience, they might have never flown a 100% mission before, and now forcing them to do it twice every day makes it exhausting, but they still want to farm or to learn some skills, win or lose. New players only have 6 slots, it might not be enough for them.

  • To avoid exploits, I suggest the group scores to be calculated as above:

    • +3 points for winner with at least 1% score difference from their opponent or their opponent does not play.
    • +2 points for both players tied or if two players have a score close enough with less than 1% difference (because in this game, unlike football, ties are unrealistic to happen), BUT has flown their mission.
    • +1 point for the loser that has flown their mission with a difference compared to the winner of more than 1%.
    • 0 points for anyone who hasn’t flown their mission.

Remember that even a casual player can have more points than that.

This is not football and is also unfair when apply the rule into the galactic cup

As you see Francis, his skill is too good and Francis is always the winner in every competition also make unfair to everyone because he is the only winning.

Im in the first place in my group now and I see sometime I get more than 120+ score. But Im not cheated, im using my own skill and nothing happen. There’s no way they can get many score like that, my think is 1st they are noob player and want to give up early, second they are HACKER like i quit my life guy.

I only disagree with @C0mplex’s suggestions, but he isn’t wrong though, the score seen in his screenshot is definitely suspicious. Due to the small community this game has, group score mechanic is easily exploitable when players who win by opponent forfeiture / disqualification only get the same points as a tie. It is unfair when a bad player or inactive player only flies on certain days (giving players that go against them a big advantage >120 points) and not on other days (against you for example, then you only get 100 points).

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Now when i’m calm down, i think that your suggestion is not as extremely as me, and because of that, better than me @GuestUniverse . @InterAction_studios this time you should listen to him.

three ping wonder


That is exactly what i have been on. Now i have been defeated in Galactic Cup because of chicken_hunter. SAY HATE HIM, IF HE ISN’T SERIOUS IN GALACTIC CUP, WHY SHOULD HE PATICIPATED IN THE FIRST PLACE ?

Im start to fell bored of the galactic cup but don’t be mad @C0mplex just calm down please?

How can i calm down. After exactly a week on the top of group 7, i have been dethroned by fixed matchs because of chicken_hunter. I was once hoped that i could have fair fights on Knockout phase, but that damn troller destroyed my hope and be like “Sike” :frowning:

At least winning by skill like Francis is better than winning by fixed matchs like what VSG has got from chicken_hunter

It’s just a video game…


I have no chance to win anyway. Just playing for fun. :upside_down_face:

Just for fun right ? I want to win, because i’m confident at my skills. If i lose by fair fights, i can accept. But this kind of lose make me mad. Who can be fun after that ?