Display previous points instead of Victory or Defeat

When I have flown a mission before, it may be a month or more, I challenge myself and want to be better than before. If numbers were used instead of Victory or Defeat the data would be more useful. Pilots would have the info. to make more successful choices Having this info. would be useful when I choose a mission. It depends on what needs to be done to control these very annoying chickens. As a physicist I like numbers, the more info. the better. Remember that everything in life has a number, and every crowd is full of assholes. Learn a new thing every day, good or bad you have not wasted time. Fly safe all. Be well all…


I think this feature is not necessarily successful but I can confirm one thing, just remember the coordinates needed or try to avoid bullets to win.

The closest thing we have right now is a leaderboard for each mission, but there’s the possibility that you have to equip a really high skill level (and maybe even make use of perishables) just to get into the top-10.
Though, I still agree that your personal best should always be displayed to you.

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I have no idea what your post means. I only speak English. This is the language that the forum uses to communicate, You may have been rude to me or given a valid thought. I wouldn’t know. Be well all…

I use the leadership board and find it an important piece of info., but it doesn’t tell me how well I did in the past mission i flew or my best score. When I choose to fly the same mission again it would be goal to be beaten for my benefit and the board a goal for standings against other pilots. The leadership board should be used as inspiration, but numbers would be more useful than Victory or Defeat in this case. I know it is a petty thing but maybe useful to some. Be well all…


I agree. Our most recent and best scores should be displayed. Or even our whole flying history of the mission.


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