Disadvantage when you play supernova

I once played a supernova mission, I stand in below corner of the screen. There are some debris going in the corner,and when I break them, coins, powerups, gifts, they are so low that I cannot take them, I can only look. Oops, that’s a pity.
( Sorry for no photos)

Yeah i also meet this problem when play supernova.

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Just replace ‘meet’ with ‘encounter’. BTW I encountered a similar issue to this when I’m in the wave “Marching on” where the UFO disks fall upwards and you lose out on points.

Sorry bad English

That just needs to be quick, right?

There is nothing that IA can do about.


They have full control of the game engine. They can do everything. It’s only matter of choice (and engine limitations)

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As I said. It’s a matter of choice and here they chose to not fix it.

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