Disable Fast Travel

Simple idea - would just like a way to disable/re-enable my Orbit Droid, Warp Boost, and Warp Drive (individually, ideally) without needing to sell them so that I can experience the flight animation at a slightly less insane pace when I’m not busily hunting the galaxy for something.

I may be alone in wanting this though. :joy:


I dunno man, they help a lot. In just 7 hours I explored like 60% of the “universe”.
You have the same animation at the end of every mission


Someone already suggested to make controls to it’s level.


You can kinda control its level, depending on how much you upgrade the boosts
You can by selling them, rebuying them, then reupgrading them to your personal preferrence

But if you buy an upgrade, why can’t you uninstall it? Why do you need to sell and re-buy it again?


Maybe it’s a really fragile hardware and tinkering with it can break it.

Because InterAction hates us

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Good idea, compensate fuel for wasted time, make discount

Anyone who object might be thinking of “anything that wastes resources are not needed in the game.”


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