Disable auto-play/full buffering of media

Is there a way I can disable automatic download of embedded media files (videos and audio)? I mean it’s completely unnecessary when I don’t play them or I already watched/heard them.

I can say the same on images.

It already wasted 150 mb of my data plan.


send me a video of it happening
it doesn’t to me

Look at v.54 post, the latest one from BoredCelestial’s.

Also, I’ve never touched any play button yet there’s that 150mb consumption already from this site. And I rarely go on image posting topics.

didn’t happen to me

You might be using a PC where it is hard to track your data usage. I wouldn’t have made this post if it doesn’t.

I don’t think Discourse supports it, but you might be able to coax your browser into doing it: internet - stop images from being downloaded on webpage in chrome - Super User


If discourse itself won’t allow it then I guess I can’t do anything about it.

Can’t do it on my browser as well, some suggestions there are PC-only and some which are removed by Google itself.

Probably, I can just stick to Wifi when browsing this site, or install an alternative browser that allows videos to be disabled. Thanks for the answer.

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