Difficulty Tweaks

my username is changed. So,
Let’s get started.

First, Lowest difficulty can be tweaked
For lowest food and low chance of key appears.
Second, Medium difficulty must be tweaked
For food and normal chance of key appears
Third, High difficulty will have a more food and high chance of keys appears.
Last, Max difficulty will be tweaked for a
Huge Food and big huge chance of keys appears.
That’s all for now.
If you have a new tweaks for my post, Reply it.

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AFK difficulty will be no food no keys



That’s not a tweaks. Or afk.

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yes what

Isn’t it already like this? On harder difficulties you have a higher chance to spawn keys and the chickens spawned are harder which means they drop more valuable food. What’s the point of that? Also, why did you change your name Travis?


Yes but it must be tweaked for next updates on the future.

My username is change to johnraizhen. I ask IA to change my username.

But what must be tweaked if it’s already in the game?

I asked WHY did you change your name. Not HOW.


Can you stop doing this?

Doing what? I’m doing many things.


LOL! A nervous fight! and he meant the name!

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He could be angry about quote’s :smiley: .

Time to buy those paintjobs, then.

But in all seriousness, I am struggling to understand how this is different from what we already have. It’s a good idea, but it’s so good iA has already added it. Are you saying that the existing drop difference between difficulties needs to be bigger than it is in the current version?

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