Destructible Projectiles

Most of the projectiles that enemies use, be it eggs, laser beams or chick poop are indestructible unless you use superweapons or satellites (or soak to them while you’re invincible after losing a live). How about there will be ones that the player can shoot and destroy?

One example is that there will be a new type of chicken that spawns larger feathers (not that one when you shoot chickens) that fall to the player in a manner how larger feathers do it. They’re (also) instantaneously destructible as if you were shooting chicks on Rookie difficulty using 20⚡ Plasma Rifle.

There’s already existing ones in the game like RoTY’s missile waves, UO and CoTDS’s large feathers, and CoTDS’s cob missiles (planetary objects also included). Although I’m referring to the ones that non-bosses can use.


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