Destiny of "two skills after SSH"?

Very strange, @InterAction_studios haven’t added this skills
What is your opinion about it ? You want ~Super SuperStar Hero and ~Champion of Universe ?

  • Yes, I am smasher of eggs
  • No way, I can’t complete Hard Daily Challenge on SSH

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There has already been a talk about a difficulty named “Universal Grandmaster” before, maybe it could get implemented.

In my opinion, difficulties need to be spaced out more. I can’t really feel a difference between Veteran and SSH. Also, SSH might still be too easy for great players. I see myself only playing on SSH, and im definetely not one of the best players.


Yeah, I made a propoſal about that here, but it didn’t catch on.

SSH — Super Star Heroin

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I’ve never played with SSH in CIU but I still vote for “Yes, I am smasher of eggs” somehow

Yes, not neccesarily with those names. They were confirmed anyway.

I’m just like the 2nd choice…

But I like maximum difficulty anyway.

I expect to see a secret skills level that only be granted by true legendary chicken hunter

Maybe, they could make SSH more harder and place 2 more difficulty options before it.

Try SSH without satellites, mountable and 1 live. Pretty hard.

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I played 3,4,5 in SSH without death

And All challenge i play on SSH without satellites and only with 1 life

4 and 5 don’t count. They are much easier than CIU.

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