Delete accounts

Hi, so this will be a strange request but I did some testing with multiple accounts. I should have done that with junk mail addresses but don’t ask why, I did it with my most used addresses. (my fault)
Now, my request would be to completely delete my accounts to make both the Username and Mails available again. Created accounts only have like 3 or 4 missions done so I seriously don’t care if they disappear.
I could give the names and addresses for proof if required but I’m not sure posting the infos on the forum is the most appropriated way to do that.

Thanks in advance !

Can you can still log in using those test accounts?

Log in, change your callsign (to free up the callsign), then go to the main menu -> Accounts -> “Change e-mail” and change it to a non-existent e-mail (to free up the e-mail).

The game won’t validate any e-mail you provide, but be warned what if you use an e-mail which you don’t have access to, then you won’t be able to restore your account if you ever need to.


I didn not think about that idea, thanks a lot ! I also read that inactive accounts will be deleted anyway so Imanaged to free both username and address I wanted to use. Thanks a lot, keep up the amazing work !

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