Delay dares feature

A few reasons would prevent you from flying the dare, and most common reasons are:

  • Internet. (If it’s too slow, you’d hardly stay connected to the server, and you’ll get timed out a lot. And that’s bad, as it may disconnect you while flying a dare. Disqualifying it. And internet being slow can take up to weeks. (I’m suffering with this right now, and I have 4 dares for some reason))

  • Life.

So here comes my idea
Delaying dares would help you not lose the dare because you cannot fly it. Preventing you from losing dare points.

But here’s the take

You can only delay your dare up to 10 days, you can still fly it in any time, but if you lost, you lose more dare points (Something like Lost dare points = 2*(the day you fly the dare - the day you received the dare))

Oh yeah, everyone loves polls.

You like my idea.
  • True statement.
  • False statement.

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(If this topic was posted twice, blame the first reason that makes me unable to fly dares up there)

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