Delay before join back a Multiplayer game

When someone keeping join and quit a Multiplayer game many time, they will need to wait 15 or 30 seconds to join back.(my English skill is bad)


First of all, your English is fairly good
Secondly, you have a point. Some people who ran out of Clucker Bombs exited the room to get more bomb and came back to spam and to ruin the server

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thank you


Just kick them if they do that

Maybe the host will add a limited retry to join that room, and if they ran out the limit, they can’t join that room anymore and join another room

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I don’t think this cooldown would be that useful because waiting for mission outcome is like 3 seconds, equipping stuff takes like 10 seconds, detecting network connectivity takes 5 seconds, getting room estimate ping is like 3 seconds, joining room will take longer if high ping

21 seconds.

I still agree with your Idea though

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You think they’ll equip stuff every time?

that’s the main purpose of rejoining but ok

You think people who spam-join games do it because of that? They do it either because they can, they get instantly disconnected due to bad internet and have to keep retrying or some other reason

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