Defeating The Fortress

So I’m hemorrhaging lives pretty much every time “The Fortress” wave spawns. Admittedly, I’ve only fought it on harder difficulties, but… it’s just so brutal. The alternative name for this wave might as well be “Death Sandwich”, because it’s just an absurd amount of projectiles in such a small space. I’d actually prefer to fight Pulsating Grid.

Of course, none of that is necessarily poor design - it’s quite possibly just me. :joy:
Anyone got tips on how to survive it?


The only way is move slow and uhhh pray.

Praise Slob God, he might help you
Really tho, that wave is really hard

I kind of feel like it might need a debuff of some sort if everyone is feeling this way about it. Maybe replacing the energy barriers with destructible, metal ones…?

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indestructible lv4 barriers

well this wave should be chaotic like tf2 so it makes sense

It should have bigger safe zone/longer distance between two fortress.


I think its laser barrier should be gone after chickens on that area is all cleared, so we can have some extra room to move.

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I have a small tip:
Destroy the Chick Gatlings first while avoiding the eggs from the gatlings by moving your ship slowly

Recommended weapons: Photon Swarm or Lighting Fryer

Or just use Phase-outs lel


plasma also helps taking down the gatling chicks quickly


Seriously, that wave is really hard with a bomber, weapon knockback can be a problem too.


When the wave starts, immediately take out a few gatling chicks on top so that you’ll have some rest time in between to handle the other chickens. Try to balance killing the peons and the gatlings after the lasers start to appear.


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