Dedicated theme area under Options

Separate theme area under Options > Theme where user can switch between

  1. PARTY LIKE IT’S 2002
  2. Thanksgiving
  3. Christmas
  4. etc.

Display in a notification area on the home screen (left hand side) about new themes / updates available after any CIU update.

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Options > Seasonal Content

these are seasoned edition :expressionless:


Correct, Noticed with CIU, iA are able to switch between Standard and PARTY LIKE IT’S 2002 in the same setup without having to run separate installs for each.

Earlier for these seasonal switching we had to do install separate CI 1-5 Christmas or Thanksgiving releases.

Now the switching in CIU could definitely extend to Thanksgiving, Christmas etc. so iA could automatically include the seasonal edition/theme in the same build and turn off based on specific date’s avoiding the need to have separate releases like they did earlier for the CI 1-5 releases.

Having a separate Theme area keeps it together rather than having random UI buttons appearing.

i will not love to download an extra 64 MB


@trueuser good point.

Even with seasonal editions the game play doesn’t change its just the graphic / image / audio / video assets that changes. (Which is the whole point of a theme). Its the same concept where CIU already has different sprite images for cuisine.

So mayhaps the combined build wouldn’t be the same size as the standard + seasonal editions that we have been getting. So instead of (some random figures) 64 MB + 64 MB = 128 MB it could be 100 MB or lower.

Perhaps CIU could after clicking a theme button if the required assets are not installed they could initiate a download and when downloaded show the appropriate notification and toggle the button state. Would also imply though building additional cloud based asset download mechanisms.

But again that is a whole different Idea / CR.
This topic was only for bringing in a consistency into the UI.

There is one big problem with that however. You see, when CIU has a different holiday theme going on, the normal textures are deleted from the game files.

If I remember correctly, 2002 mode is just some fancy filter and changed music. It doesn’t contain any textures which take the most space.

Now I don’t personally mind that, but IA’s big concern with game size is the mobile version. I know it’s also possible do to it on android since there are some games that are too big to fit on google play and need to have their basic assets downloaded from server, but do you think it’s worth it for IA to make such a system only for a texture change?
Now if we speak about PC version, I don’t mind it at all to have all the editions all the time since CIU already weighs basically nothing and it would be nice to have a shared progress (which I already talked about way before)

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Thank you for taking the time to drill down and share distilled responses.

Well there goes the idea, my basic premise itself got flawed. Will remain wishful thinking.

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