Deal with shady dealer

What if we deal with shady dealer let me explain what i mean
So we can order an item like hc 101
But we can say to get uncommon rare or legendary
You have to write your name first for getting your delevery
If you dont write your name true shady dealer will lost you and cant find you and he will start checking other planets and can sell your delevery
But for non chl owners you should give 350 keys (or anything )
For shady dealer to get the item this is for ships and for rector and other legendary or rare or uncommon items payment is lower
And for chl owners is free you can pursche your item before shady dealer got it for you and he ll follow you until you dont buy it.if you dont buy he ll leave your after one to 7 days

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Make a voting ig you want

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are you telling us that you’re making an online deliver feature?

Maybe its close to that

Alright bad idea maybe

So what I got from this:

  • You can “order” an item (from a list of items, like Spaceships, heat sinks, reactors, etc).

  • That Ordered item has a chance to have any rarity (like normal shady dealers)

  • You have to write your callsign in the order (so the order is done in another way, like a menu)

  • If you used a callsign, the shady dealer will go after that player, trying to sell the ordered item.

  • That shady dealer will pursue the player for 1 to 7 days

  • If you dind’t use a valid callsign, that shady dealer will have the item, but will not go towards that player

  • If you don’t have CHL, there will be a 350 (or any reasonable amount) key fee.

So I see various issues with this.

  1. CHL players can order a certain Item (cubic boron heat sink), then wait in a place until that item is there. You can check if its legendary. if not, order again and repeat. No fee for chl players, no punishment for searching cheap legendaries.

  2. You could write the callsign of a certain player, and how you can avoid fees, you can use it to order items for a smaller alt account. You can even ask a friend to do that for your smaller account.

  3. Without Fees, You could order an ammount of thrash items, and since Shady dealers cannot appear from nothing, current shady dealers will have thrash items ordered without callsign. Even if it resets every 4-8 hours, you can do it with friends. Trolling players like that is not fun for the other party.

  4. Last issue talked about replacing items with the ordered items. You (Only CHL players lol) can saturate shady dealers with GOOD items instead, making shady dealers too good for the economy. Basically inflation.

  5. This would remove the legendary tracking post because why would you spend 4k fuel for a legendary, when you can order it as a CHL for free?

  6. Shady dealers as a video-game character are protrayed as contraband sellers. Contraband sellers will not seek out UHF recruits for money.

  7. 350 keys for a CHANCE of getting a legendry item for non chl is too much (you can just, check the legendary tracking post and go to that place…), yet if its reduced, then high tier players can do Issue #2.

Funny how most issues are the lack of fee

Not well thought out tbh.


Not bad lets see people saying what and even ia

I never fixed the idea, only pointed the issues of why it would be “bad idea” to have it. I think that this idea has too many bad sides to be a feature-

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So well lots of issues ok maybe better to close the topic

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