Dead players in multiplayer mode still get bonus

ok , I dont know that this will be idea or bug , I notice that players in zombie mode in multiplayer mode can’t get score , but they gat bonuses like pecking order and multikill , etc. But their score don’t increase . Work out : players in dead mode can not recive bonus like pecking order , multi kill etc .

And , if zombie player pick powerups or gift , so he cannot see that how many points he will get , he will only see “fire power” or etc . (if you don’t understand , ask me .

hoa gat chl

Pecking Order or Multi kill can’t increase ur score, so keep it.

Its not a bug. Its normal. When you die. In down there will be tip. Says player can take power and bonus but cant gain score and keys wont drip.

hmm…ok . thanks.

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