Darkness Missions Lighting Rework

Darkness missions have a lot of things about the lighting that don’t make sense to me. The most notable and most annoying is the key lighting. Normally, keys emit a bright yellow shine when dropped from chickens that have that same shine. But, neither of those things actually glow in darkness missions which is really frustrating if you ask me. It would make sense if they glowed in the darkness right? I don’t want to kill a key chicken and then chase after the key in the darkness only to get killed by some random egg that happens to be conveniently falling there. If they glowed, I think that would be nice for the people who farm keys in those types of missions to warn them about the projectiles in that direction before charging for it. I would also like lots of other things to emit tiny light that just cover their sprite and nothing else. Like lasers. And when I say lasers I mean every type of laser. Like the lasers that the player shoot (ex. Absolver Beam, Laser Cannon, etc). Or any type of laser projectiles that enemies shoot ranging from bosses to normal enemies. But, those are still not the only things I want to see emit light. There’s also stuff like Firepowers and other projectiles like the player’s Lightning Fryer, or Photon Swarm, so basically, anything that should emit light lol. I know nothing about programming or video game making and I don’t know if the changes I am asking for are too much, But it would be really nice to see them. If not in an early access update, maybe in the full version of the game since this isn’t that important as something like a story mode for this game (if there is going to be one), or balancing levels, weapons and enemies in the game. Thanks in advance.


I think something like that is already implemented for every weapon you fire. When firing a weapon, it increases you field of view in darkness missions just a little bit but its absolutely noticeable. Even though it seems like nothing it still makes a huge difference. Besides that while firing weapons, the field of view increases dynamically with the distance between you and the enemy the weapon is fired on. This is quite noticeable in boss battles when the boss is far away from you and you fire your weapon to hit the enemy, the field of view increases by a lot (I’ll try to send screenshots later)

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