Darken Other Players (Except Contacts)

I play CIU a lot with my dad, there was this one time where I host a game so that we can play but I forgot to make it “Contacts only”, and then some people joined our game, I wanted to set it back to contacts only but my dad told me that it’s a lot more fun to have more people in the game.
But then, a LOT of people joined our game, and my dad can’t find his own spacecraft aswell during the game since it’s really chaotic.

(And yes I know maybe my dad could’ve agreed with me to enable contacts only option in multiplayer, but for me this idea could be useful for other scenarios too)

Now this is where my idea comes in. Know how in Multiplayers option there’s a “Darken other players” settings?

Now what I think is there should be a setting like “Darken other players except Contacts
What does that do? Make people’s spacecraft that is in your contact go bright, and everyone else that isn’t in your contact dark.

I’ve made an image of maybe how it should look like

This would also be useful for other things because, imagine you’re playing with a friend, and you also want other people to join your game so that they can help you on the mission, but there’s obviously gonna be people that has the brightest spacecraft that joins the game aswell, so this is where my idea could come handy.

Now I do know that people with the brightest spacecraft is caused by Hardpoints and I do also want “Show other Hardpoints” and “Except Contacts” checkbox that would appear if you disable show other hardpoints (Basically don’t show other people’s Hardpoints except people in your contacts). But I don’t really want to ask that much.

And that’s all about my idea, I guess?,
sorry for telling too much about the story of me and my dad, I know the point is the idea but I don’t really know what to put in lol


I’m sure if I joined you with this ship you won’t see anything after it :joy:


Yes good idea :+1:


It’s okay, the whole thing was easy to read and not that long. However, I don’t see how this solves the problem of your father not being able to keep track of his spaceship. Being able to see your friends’ spacecraft may look nice on paper, but it potentially hurts more than it helps (more contacts in-mission means that you’re less likely to be able to keep track of your spaceship).

Overall, it’s pretty niche. I think you should ask your father to increase the “Darken other players” setting.

if you simply do not add everyone in the galaxy as your contact and only your close friends then this suddenly isn’t a huge problem, because normally we don’t expect our entire contacts list to be online. older ci game co-op played fine without the darkening of spacecrafts option, that was because the rooms were not as large, so you could still tell your spacecraft’s position. if you’re playing with 3 contacts and a bunch of strangers then it is still very manageable. besides what op is suggesting is just an extra option, the current mechanic doesn’t go anywere

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We have each other on contacts list, my dad’s CIU account only has me on the contacts. I know what I said barely got to the point but the thing is, if he wants to he can also darken my spaceship a bit, so that he would be able to know which one’s mine and which one’s his.

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