Dark Chickens

dark chickens only appear in dark missions and waves like “black hole skipping” and “on the radar”.
their eyes shine so that they can be seen in the dark like this BigChicken
their attack is to throw a black
eggs that follows you and only way to stop that egg is to shoot at it!download (1) the amount of eggs depends on the difficulty of the mission: on trivial missions they will throw 1 egg, on easy 2, on medium 3, on hard 4 and on very hard and elite 5.
and when they die they emit darkness (the size of two toxic fumes from a toxic chicken) that cannot be forcibly removed but will take off on its own after 5 second.
(the model of the chicken is updated)


I’m not sure about the overall pitch black design, but cool idea ok.

Ahem. Sci-fi, not fantasy.

Suggested by me a long time ago: Ideas for the future of CIU


at least they are not exactly the same

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Mad Madam Madamme exists.

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Mad Madam Madamme was from an alternate dimension, and was specifically called out for being exactly that. Whereas if you start adding these Elementals you have a magic system to now balance, and that would be too complicated for the series to depict properly, if iA even takes the backstory seriously.

it doesn’t have to be magic

if their eyes glow in the dark, that will be the most attracted to the players because in dark mission, everything (except player’s spacecraft) will be darkened, that means if the chicken is in the dark, none of their part will show up and in “black hole skipping”, they should be in the black hole because it can easily be attracted when go outside the black hole. For “on the radar”, the chicken should be invisible until the barriers go pass them, for a moment (like 1-3 sec), they should be invisible again

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