Dark Chicken

Health: 500 + 150 *(%difficulty)

Appearance: It’s a completely darkened chicken, so much that it’s look like a burnt charcoalled chicken with either pudgy or military breed. It’s has no eyes and it’s leave back black smoke puffs.

Appears on: 50% more common on dark missions while appear only 1% in hot

Ability: On dark missions, the dark chicken will shoot a coal into your ship. Hitting it’s coal will result your ship view and brightness range getting reduced. Is it possible to completely goes blackout if you hit too many coals. Brightness reduction, however, will be limited until it’s shrink at the same side of your spawn ring. Both the view and the brightness will return to normal after 5 seconds. While on hot enviroments, the dark chicken will just act like a normal chicken until you decided to shoot it with any Hot-group weapons. There, the chicken will get burned and as well attempt to kamikaze you like assassin chicks.

So from 500hp on 0% difficulty to 21500 at 140%? Good lord, that’s a bit too insane.

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gonna be a ridiculous boss in double teams nvm it’s not a boss, but the amount of health makes it sound like one
you need to be more well thought out with your ideas, it’s better than delivering as many ideas as possible

I don’t think you really considered what have been told to you in the latest topic. (To DeMouse because idk why discourse didn’t consider my goddamn reply to him)

Changed because my stupid brain was tired

It’s still the same

The health change tbh. Changed to 500 + 150 based on difficulty only, no more *.
Remember that difficulty is calculated by precentage to get the lowest health I know.
So, it’s should be 500+150+140% or 500+150x140% depends on how you calculate.

500 + 150 * 140 = 21 500 health points. Unless you convert them from percentage, in which case it’s 710.

yes, since the difficulty is using precentage, so I also use precentage to it.

In that case you should’ve at least left the percent sign in the main post.

So like putting a precentage next to the health?
I added the star and the % at the difficulty. Is that ok now?


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