Daily top-10 scores way

How the top-10 get score in daily mission , league or galactic cup ?
and what i can use with my spacecraft to get score ? because I kill all chickens and collect about 90% or 100% food and they get more score than me .
is there any special weapon or good weapon to get scores


you can use difficulty booster in the shop to boost score. but this will also increase difficulty


do you mean superstar skill but i can use it in daily missions


yeah, i think you can use skills in daily missions

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All are tactical, creative gameplay and require a lot of skill


but is there any thing i can buy from shop increase scores?

skillz, unprepared or don’t use satellite

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that is the most you can squeeze out of it using those

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Here is some things that can gain you few extra points:
Kill an enemy in less than a second after a wave has started.
Kill all enemies in a wave, and don’t let anyone survive. This also includes things like barriers. You can get this only in certain waves, usually in ones where enemies can escape.
Kill chickens in the order in which they are set to appear. (at least 4)
Collect any gift and atom.


Is there any thing I can buy in the shop to get more score in galactic cup or daily missions?

Appetite attractor would help you to collect food, coins and power ups easily. I don’t know anything else causing more score.


ok thanks

No, it does not use skills. Certain daily mission difficulties have skills built in

Easy - Rookie
Intermediate - Veteran
Hard - Superstar Hero

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