Daily Tasks

This was already suggested some yes times but I could not withstand the lack of daily jobs in CIU so here it is.

Daily Tasks are tasks given to the recruits everyday for them to finish and stuff. Finishing them all will receive a reward.

Formation: everyday, game will assign 4 tasks for all recruits who >tier 5. Their job is finishing all four within a day. After finishing they’ll recieve amount of keys and mountables, they’ll all be delivered to you via mail.

Note: Daily tasks difficulty and rewards will be based on your tier. So if you’re tier 5, you’ll receive trivial tasks with small rewards and if you’re tier 99, you’ll recieve Elite tasks with large rewards.

my tasks

x = amount

  • Kill x amount of chickens
  • Annihilate x [boss name]
  • collect x food
  • Electricial: Fix wires
  • complete x [mission name]
  • complete x [mission name/any mission] perfectly
  • scoring x points
  • your task in the reply section

OP’s note: hmm, 800 chickens but 0/600? Fair, game always bug like that.


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