Daily Spin

How about adding a wheel that spins everyday and give you some rewards
example 1x mass condesmers
1x extra live or any other equipment
and it can be used once everyday [poll type=regular results=always max=20 public=true]

  • is it a good idea ?
  • is it a bad idea ?
  • its good mustn’t be added ?

Its look like free mobile games


A daily gift system would be good.

it’s not bad actually

The rewards being randomized is kind of bad though. Unless rewards already claimed on the last day will not be claimed anymore.

I hate (most) games that involve wheels, because they are usually rigged. Not all spaces have the same possibility of winning. I would be satisfied if it looks like an actual Wheel of Fortune.

  • Add a daily spin
  • Do not add a daily spin

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(Hello, old player but new around here) Coming from experience from pay-to-win games from the Eastern-centered industry of video games, as well as seeing such a very similar idea being implemented in RuneScape 3, this is a very horrible idea.

The game is only still in early acess, and we do not publicly know how financially Interaction Studios is performing as a business. By the number of people playing as the game is being released, IA can slowly implement some “cash-grabby” ideas while expanding; the game itself, and it’s own company/infrastructure to keep the server going.

Implementing a ‘daily spin’ will eventually lead the game down a path of self-destruction, as well as (from a business model standpoint,) making the game look really bad in the long run, where you must pay-to-win. Else you will be called a n00b because you don’t invest any money into CIU early-game.

tldr; The idea of a daily spin should be ABOLISHED until the game really gets going and growing in it’s full release.

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Or it ſhould juſt be ABOLISHED permanently.


ShellShock Live has a daily spin and it’s doing just fine (though that one only gives gears, not items).
Then again, it has no microtransactions, so you could argue that it’s a completely different matter.

I think a daily stipend is enough. No flare, just a nice bonus. However I don’t see how a single free wheel will make it into a pay-to-win. Though that doesn’t mean we need to be cautious. Though though IA is just 3 people, so like, probably not.

Who thinks that?

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I thought it was 1 perſon who did almoſt everything (except for muſic and one or two other things).


From what I deducted (Sorry I’m not saying by names) one person on Coding and main productio, other on music and another on art.

The muſic guy is a different company, though. They do other ſtuff too, not juſt CI muſic.

If the game does go down the path of ‘p2w’, people will start to have this sort of incentive that you ‘need’ this “special spin-exclusive item” for some meta or some kind years down the line.

Now, let’s say that a spin of some sort is added. Maybe immediately, maybe some time in the future. What should we add to the wheel? Cosmetics from Xmas, Easter, etc. editions?

If we add items such as this, from previous experience, i just login, get my daily bonus, and logout. I do this for about 6 months, accumulating thousands of items added to my account, and then I actually ‘play the game’.

If the game is to actually grow in player count and activity, then free items and gear should not be allowed. It will only create dead content, and a dead game on arrival.

coughcough pay to win? what a joke

What about having to play 1 hour to get daily bonus?

If it’s “spin-exclusive”, doesn’t that mean that you can’t pay for it? I mean, the spin is free.

You currently get keys for logging in daily, so you can, actually, just log in, get your daily keys and log out.

Yeah, in Shellshock Live the spin is only available after you win a match.
Of course I’m just throwing ideas at the idea wall and trying to see if they sticks.

Honestly though, a “daily spin” is just a way to get a random number of a random thing for free.
But yeah, I think the daily stipend is quite enough.


spins are rigged tbh

It’s a useless feature.Besides,we have a daily stipend of 20 keys.

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I think that there will be option to buy keys for money. You can upgrade your weapon for keys. Add this up in your mind.

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