Daily Mission Schedule Idea

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Idea: Daily Schedule

A schedule for daily mission types instead of probablity

Here is my Schedule:

  • Monday: Today’s Scramble
  • Tuesday: Weapons Training
  • Wednesday:Today’s Scremble
  • Thursday: Pot Luck
  • Friday: Today’s Scrumble
  • Saturday: Budget Constraint
  • Sunday: Weekend’s Buffet

What is Weekend’s Buffet? It’s all four daily mission types appear in a single day. This means there will be up to 12 Daily medals awarded in sunday.


Or better: just randomize the schedule once per week, but with 2 conditions:
- There can never be a same type of mission granted back-to-back
- Each type of mission can appear no more than twice.

I don’t know, just having a set schedule feels repetitive and boring
after enough passes have been done.

Also, maybe let the players know about this in advance at the start of the week would be kinda neat.

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Maybe the schedule could randomize the order of the non-scramble mission each week.

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bro budget mission has replace to daily mission
but good idea

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