Daily login error

I find this error quite annoying. When I log in in the morning and afternoon i can not login. But when you log in in the evening from 9pm to 11pm, I can login. The next day it was still the same. Hope the community can help me.

idk bro… but is maybe problem at servers… go ask IA

What is the error message you see when you can’t log in?


Not the OP, but sometimes I get “The server is experiencing heavy load. Please try again later.” But I just try again immediately and enter successfully.

No. I mean log in every day in the game at night not morning or afternoon.

This is a protection measure for when the server can’t keep up (this normally only happens when it crashes and restarts, when a lot of players will be trying to reconnect simultaneously). But I’ll make it more lenient.

The time shown there is not the time in your local timezone. It’s UGT (or “Universal Galactic Time”). It corresponds to GMT + 100 years.

You will still get “Daily stipends” when the day changes based on your local timezone, however.


Ok, ban tuminh from spaceborgor

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