Daily hard worker with 1000 waves (part 2)

My new record about the number of waves I’ve flown



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:pray: I surrender you

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I actually have 6

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but the thing is he have 1000 waves

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Are you planning to get more? Also to get the weekly one you to get the daily one right?

I already have the weekly one, and I’m not really planning to get more unless I am very lucky

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But to get the weekly one you must get the Daily one, right?

It’s not mandatory, if you’re lucky.

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And that’s why I hate achievements that depend on multiplayer stuff. I mean, imagine someone spent 7 hours and he doesn’t get the medal because someone spent 12. I guess that CIU won’t be loved by completionists without a lot of time.


Yeah. You could play 1000 waves and still not end up being first because someone did more, or you could play 500 and end up first because no one felt like competing on that day


Also it’s nice that you got 1111 waves :ok_hand:

Sorry didn’t notice until now :grin:

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