Daily Challanges, Space Race and Weekly Challenges

with all the new weapon ideas and how in the description of the Space Races how it says a ‘rare artifact’. I came up with an idea that could incorporate both. I usually skip the Daily, weekly Challanges and Space Races but to make heros want to do them more often, when you defeat the final boss of a Daily challange you collect a 75% chance of a common item and a 25% chance of an Uncommon item that you can put towards building new weapons. The higher of difficulty level the greater the chance of an Uncommon to rare item.
Weekly challenges give you a rare - legendary.

space Races ultra rare to Legendary.

Feel free to give feedback and drop %'s

I would be up for this if this crafting mechanic would be alongside normal key buying. Would also are another way to get legendary equipment :o

I like to call the rarities Common - Uncommon - Rare - Epic - Legendary.

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that’s actualy a great idea.






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