Cycling between Special weapons while IN MISSION

Here’s a nice QoL idea: Using mouse scroll while flying missions will cycle through the different special weapons equipped in mission configuration menu

  1. Already suggested by a lot (send the links someone, I’m lazy)
  2. Engine limitations (maybe)
  3. This makes limited to Mobile, keyboard and other controls
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I figured this was going to be said. I do check whether people have suggested this but I just never find such posts (probably my fault)

Related to lore?

Damn I never think of mobile users! Sorry guys!

I mean. Keyboard has a lot of spare keys to fit. Mobile, though, that’s a different puzzle. There could be a hold to change control, but I can imagine it resulting in a lot of unpleasant situations.


You mean like accidentally cycling through the special weapons (in this situation) when long pressing and holding? Yeah I can imagine the pain. But what if we could press the UI itself to cycle through the special weapons? That way the mobile users could have some idea of where to touch to cycle through them

But seriously though organizing your mission config before the mission itself is like eyeballing what you need. So equipping a variety of special weapons and using them according to your needs is very important. And how else can you possibly do that without cycling through them?

Take an example: You have interdimensional teleport and clucker bombs equipped. You need clucker bombs to destroy a massive amount of enemies but what is available to you right now is interdimensional teleport which is really not ideal for obliterating enemies at a fast rate. Due to these reasons we need to have this feature. I REST MY CASE!

No no i think there will be a method to use that In the mobile, like the missle button.

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Exactly. Thank you!

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