Custom Modifier

This is my 2nd topic…
I have some modifiers that can be buy in Store instead of only weather modifier?
Note: These modifiers are different than the weather ones.

  • Add modifier slots:
    This is where you can add any modifiers, you only add 3 modifiers in once flight.

  • Modifier idea:

  1. Hellspeed projectiles (1.20x bonus)
    All enermy projectiles speed is now 60% faster
  2. Longer Overheat cooldown (1.05x bonus)
    Overheat cooldown takes 25% longer and require 2 coolants to skip the overheat cooldown
  3. Broken weapons (1.20x bonus)
    Weapon firerates are now 0,5 second slower and reduced 20% damages
  4. Bubble Shield (1.05x bonus)
    All enemies (except bosses) are now have bubble shield, last 5 seconds, cooldown 20 seconds
  5. Explosive chickens (1.15x bonus)
    All enemies (except bosses) have 25% chance to explode in very small radius when killed, can kill you and not deal damage to other enemies
  • New Modifier bonus factor in Mission Outcome

Feel free give feedback down here, about the modifier cost in shop, i will let you guys decide.
I’m not very good at english so i can’t not talk too much here

these would just be the “scoring” unlocks from CI5
new meta arises on how much you’re willing to handicap yourself and make the game less enjoyable

still slightly easier than ironman but only for 20% more score?
wonder if this is multiplicative or additive

bring coolants

ah yes i’d like plasma rifle to shoot only once every 1.2 seconds
or vulcan to shoot once every 1.1 seconds
and do even less damage along with the already slower than molasses firerate
i’m sure people will enjoy taking 5 minutes (and most likely more) to clear a single wave now :confused:

absolver beam supremacy

wormhole (and other waves that close you in) says hi


i fixed something lol

Rip riddler

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For some reason, I was thinking this:

Whenever someone cheats, instead of immediately banning them, they would be sent to a secret mission, which has 100 waves at 140% difficulty, and all of those modifiers you mentioned will be added, if you win, your ban time will be cut in half, if you lose, your ban time will be doubled.

also all bosses are yolk star with lightning and massive and hot environment

Okay hold up I’ll just cheat this one really quick to get -50% ban time for cheating by cheating.

Seriously though, ∞/2 is still ∞.

And Yolk-Star™ is easy.

Would that include the extra projectile speed seen in IMs?

Sure, why not

Please no

It’s for cheaters wdym no

Wrong topic sir

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