Current weapons in-game - CIU

I observe that there are threads that discuss about theoretical weapons that are not implemented, or not at all… Therefore I believe that it would be nice to talk about your current favorite weapons as well as talk about how useful these weapons are to a specific wave.

To start off, I have 3 but I like the Neutron Gun.It has a huge damage output and it can level chicken fields at low difficulty/skill level.It feels nice to see a level get vapourized.It is useful at higher difficulty such as Superstar Hero where some levels are insane and I like insane. However this weapon is balance with its tight spead,which makes it difficult in levels where spread weapons would be nice.All in all, this my favourite weapon along with the utensil poker(who doesn’t like this weapon) and the plasma rift.


The favourite weapon of most of players is Utensil Poker and it’s understandable why. It has a lot of damage, its path is spread and the overheat is almost triple in comparison to the Neutron Gun. Overheat is extremely important, especially in big waves and I see you haven’t mentioned it. I’m continuously playing with Utensil Poker, ignoring all the other weapons because it’s the best choice in most of the situations. If it wouldn’t exist, Neutron Gun would be my favourite due to the reasons you mentioned in your post. It’s true that Utensil Poker gift is more rare but once you got it, it’s the perfect chicken genocide! That would be more of a problem in other CI games because CIU is the only game in which you can buy your starting weapon.


Maybe there could be a way to “equalize” weapon damage or make good weapons very rare.

@InterAction_studios, you once talked about “weapon licenses” that increase the drop chances of the weapons you like. Is that still planned?


As I said above, in CIU you can buy your starting weapon, so, in my opinion, weapon licenses would be pretty useless because almost nobody would use them, except maybe new players that don’t know that they can buy a starting weapon… Also, about ‘‘equalizing’’ the weapon damage… Utensil Poker isn’t the best weapon just because of its damage, but also because of its path and overheat.


Perhaps if you start with a bad weapon in a mission, it would give a slight damage boost for the rest of the mission, even when changing weapons. It would encourage variable use of weapons and picking up presents, well, atleast until you get the utensil poker again… mhhh… yeah, I think it’s only a slight fix, and makes the game more RNG. But maybe someone can itirate on this?

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my favourite is the utensil poker. Its just so useful compared to others
it never overheats
and its so satisfying to use

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It does overheat,though. It’s just hard to do.

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Well, for now I see three main contenders: Neutron Gun, Utensil Poker and Corn Shotgun.
So far, Corn Shotgun is probably the best starting weapon because it pretty much doesn’t overheat and it’s currently one of the cheapest weapons, unlike the other two.

Utensil Poker is just the best weapon in the game and there’s no denying that.
However, Neutron Gun still has it’s uses. Because its fire is more focused it is actually better against mini-bosses than Utensil Poker. Though it definitely suffers from its overheat rate.

The rest are, well…
Ion Blaster is cool, but ultimately useless since we have Utensil Poker.
Laser Cannon could compete with Corn Shotgun if it didn’t overheat so fast.
Lightning Fryer and Plasma Rifle are okay, I guess. But having to use manual fire with a weapon that fires a continuous beam just doesn’t feel right to me.
Positron Stream is just a worse Plasma Rifle.
Photon Swarm is quite decent but it overheats quickly and isn’t very focused.
Vulcan Chaingun is obsoleted by Boron Railgun. Boron Railgun is obsoleted by Hypergun. Riddler is “meh”.

And, well, I think I noticed some sort of a pattern.

If you look at the damage per second values for all weapons in Revenge of the Yolk (by multiplying their damage per volley by their automatic fire rate), you’ll notice that (at :zap:20) none of them differ from one another by more than 3890,5 damage per second (which, if you use manual fire rate, stands at a whopping 12405 damage per second).

This is just a theory, but I think this is what happened:

It seems like all weapons were actually balanced based on their automatic fire rate.
And that convention was abandoned when new weapons were added in later episodes.

I’d like to point out that all the weapons which are currently the worst ones (Vulcan Chaingun (which IA apparently now want to redesign/rebalance), Boron Railgun, Positron Stream, Riddler) would be perfectly acceptable if manual fire wasn’t a thing in the first place.

I know this is pretty much beyond saving now without making major, probably not-worth-the-effort changes, but it just doesn’t feel right to me.

Oof. Well that’s a point gone adrift, ain’t it?


Really? The corn shotgun is the best starting weapon? Yeah it doesnt overheat and do a lot of damage, but with this extra slow shots is terible for starting weapon IMO. I take it when i reached 10 :zap:.

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If you don’t want to spend 500 keys for a starting weapon, then yes, this is the best option.

You are absolutely right about the overheat.Guess I forgot to consider the overheat mechanism. The utensil poker can be fired manually continuous as much as the player want.I believe it can be manually fired continuously without stopping for an entire mission.

Well, believe it or not it is poſſible to overheat the utenſil poker. It was poſſible back in CI5, but quite difficult, however in CIU it’s much eaſier. A couple heat ſink upgrades have moſtly alleviated the problem for me, though.

Everyone might hate me for saying this but I do like the vulcan chaingun but only for certain situations.I admit I neglect this weapon but in easy level just for relaxing, this gun ain’t bad.But other guns are not bad at a easy skill level.I had this weapon as my first ever starting weapon in universe and it was do-able. However, the redesign of this weapon would be phenomenal. The vulcan chaingun is like the first iron man suit in Iron Man 1.Without that suit, there would be no Iron Man.Likewise, no vulcan chaingun most likely no Boron Railgun and no Hypergun ,well not exact incarnations though. Interaction seem to hit a sweet spot i.e. a good point in making a projectile weapon with the vulcan chaingun.

In conclusion, I stand with the vulcan chaingun but I also look forward to the future for the revamp of this weapon as I hope it would compete with other top notch weapons like the Neutron Gun and the Utensil Poker(Nothing can’t top it right now on 26/12/2018).

But corn shotgun, starting at 8 :zap: is pretty decent, the problem is if you lose a life, then you’re doomed.

And about weapon licenses, I would use that, I think you lost the point Valerix, remember that every time you get the same gift as the weapon you’re currently using, your weapon get stronger, so it’s VERY useful, even more if you gone lose some lifes and will become weaker if you don’t have enough :zap: power.

Oh, and the gifts raises your scores too, so it’s very important for competitive players!

I noted a lot of weapons been balance with faster overheat rates.Also thanks for the advice about the heat sink upgrade.