Current Weapon HUD

This is not much of an idea but rather something I think it’s missing from the game for whatever reason.

It’s as simple at it sounds: add an optional (equipable) HUD that displays the icon of your current weapon somewhere on the screen, maybe even near the fire power indicator, so that you easely see your current weapon and it’s fire power, but that’s just to give an idea.

What would be useful for? Well, it’s pretty common that you pause the game to do something else, and when you return you often forget what weapon you had. This is even worse when you disconnect from a mission and return to it days or even weeks later. There are also times when you detach from the game for a couple of seconds and you already forget what weapons you had (yes, it can happen). I know it’s easy to just shoot once to see what is your current weapon, but first, it may impact the score precision medal (if you care to do the best score), and second, it would be just for convenience sake, like most of the other HUDs, or especially the heat intuition, which is basically useless, this one at least has a better purpose, and it should also be very simple to implement.


well, you aren’t playing a competitive mission, are you?

and if it is indeed a competitive mission, i’d like to know why you’d be gone for that long in the middle of a timed event

that aside, it seems kind of unnecessary. making a new item just to save you a single shot that can potentially screw with accuracy? perhaps you’re better off just writing a note in notepad or a sticky note

don’t get me wrong though, i’m not calling the idea terrible at all. i’m just saying making a new item just for this purpose seems very unnecessary


Um, you could just wait the incoming wave then shoot and you will know what weapon you are using

Forgetting what weapon you use isn’t a problem, like it won’t change your whole gameplay or your score in leaderboards or anything


to add to that, all weapons shoot forward, so just aim for the top.


uve itself: “what the heck am I displaying here?”

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so would it basically be a thing at one of the corners of the screen that tells you what weapon you currently have at the moment?

Yep. I don’t think it would be needed to add it as a default indicator, since the CI series never had that in the first place, so that’s why I proposed to be an equipable hud.

Also the size of the icon doesn’t matter, even if it’s small, it only serves to quickly see your current weapon at any time, so that you never forget, and I mean, the destruction meter takes almost the whole side of the screen to basically just view how much damage you cause to the enemies; I don’t know how this can be any useful when there are already two huds that let you show the enemies health bar and the damage inflicted in numbers near them, which is way more readable and less distracting. So if anything I think the destruction meter should be removed and instead add an hud that displays your current weapon. I really don’t see what’s so wrong about this idea.

Again, forgetting what weapon you are using isn’t a problem, you could just wait the incoming wave that takes only 0.5 seconds to appear then you shoot

If you forgot or didn’t forget what weapon you are using won’t do anything, you will 100% shoot the chickens that just comes in front of you

I will ask you a question, if you remembered your current weapon what will you do? Of course you will shoot the chicken
What about if you forgot your current weapon?, same answer you will shoot the chicken so nothing new!

Also some people don’t know but if the wave ended and you saw the time stopped then you can shoot as you want because the break between any 2 waves isn’t affecting your medals or your time

I don’t know about other people but it happens to me quite often that I forget what weapon I had, either after returing to a mission after several minutes or even a few seconds when I check something else for a moment. Sometimes this is annoing because I wait for the next wave to shoot and when I shoot, if I don’t remember my current weapon, it can screw up my strategy. For exemple, if I think I had the positron stream I think I can just move quickly while I shot, and then I ended up having ion blaster, which is much slower, so I have to calculate my movement in a different way. This may be not so much of a problem in most cases, but there are some very specific cases where every millisecond counts and you’ve a clear view of the whole situation, taking into account the enemies, the projectiles incoming, the stuff to grab, and of course, your current weapon. Of course it’s better explained in game rather than words, but I’m sure some people can relate to this and know exactly what I mean.

Now, having an hud that would display the icon of your current weapon on one side of the screen would allow you to pause the game, take a breeth, and organize before continuing, because you can view your fire power, food etc., as well as the weapon you currently have, as well as most of the enemies, wave, difficulty, duration etc., allowing you to organize your movements and attack strategy before resume the game, instead of being like “damn, I forgot what weapon I had 1 hour ago. Now I’m in the middle of a bullet hell and I first have to shoot to remind myself my current weapon, only then I can think on how it’s better to move”. Again, maybe is hard to explain into words, but when you find yourself in these kind of situations you know exactly what I’m trying to say; it would be just for convenience sake.

I gotta admit though that I didn’t know about the fact that you can shoot during the brake between a wave cleared and the next one without affecting the precision medal, but again, as I mentioned above, let’s say you’re in the middle of an a very hard wave, and you have to pause and leave because you have to do something important, and then come back, and forget what weapon you had, and the scenario I mentioned above happens; it would be kinda frustrating.

There may be cases where there are the projectiles of your weapon already on the screen, which it can help, but 1: it may happen that you pause and there are no projectiles of your weapon on the screen, or 2: the opposite scenario: you’re playing in multyplayer, have to pause, and there are multiple weapon projectiles on the screen; how do you know what are the ones of your weapon? More so, have you thought about multyplayer? Where there are many players in one mission, how do you keep track of what is your weapon without be confused with someone’s weapon? If anything, the multyplayer aspect is a much stronger reason on why an current weapon hud should be added.

just shoot one shot. one shot isn’t the end of the world for your accuracy just yet

if you’re that afraid of missing, then position yourself in a better place so you don’t miss so many projectiles

and besides, if your weapon is already going to ruin precision, then i don’t see what difference it would make if you knew what the weapon is, compared to just shooting and finding out it was a spready weapon anyway

also, why would you be pausing for that long in multiplayer


I think you’re missing my point; it’s not just for the precision medal, but I’m honestly growing tired of exaplain it.

I’m not gonna continue this discussion anymore, since I already explained enough. If people don’t get my point then whatever, I just a gave a suggestion for something I thought would be useful in one way or another.

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